Freedom Fest 2020 Rally on July 4 in Downtown Texarkana [VIDEO]


Now that “Sparks in the Park” has, well, fizzled out, the faith-led group “Texarkana United” is making an effort to save the patriotic event, however, the event must be moved to downtown Texarkana Arkansas and that opens up a whole other can of worms.

To add pressure to this year’s organizers, Texarkana has been chosen as a 2020 finalist city to participate in Channel 3’s annual festivities across the Ark-La-Tex. There are many concerned with the location of the animal shelter, and what about parking… so many new issues, with such a short time to get things hammered out, this is a huge undertaking. So, for folks that may have some solutions or think they can help pull this off this year, you are encouraged to help.

For those wanting to volunteer call Diane Patterson at 430.200.9046

For those wanting to sponsor or donate call Harvey Woods at 903.748.9912

Freedomfest 2020 in Downtown Texarkana

"Sparks in the Park" is no more… but the group Texarkana United is doing everything they can to save the event. However, the city of Texarkana Arkansas is requiring them to hold the event downtown. That brings up additional issues for an event of this type. We talk to Tracy Jones, one of the organizers for "Texarkana Freedomfest Rally 2020".

Posted by Texarkana FYI on Monday, June 22, 2020


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