Granger Smith to Perform in Texarkana on November 7 [VIDEO]


Texas songwriter and recording artist Granger Smith is set to perform in downtown Texarkana on November 7. Smith along with his alter ego, Earl Dibbles Jr., will be appearing at Crossties on Saturday, November 7 and tickets are on sale now.


With 7 top ten singles, 3 tours in Iraq and Kuwait to play for the American Soldiers and 3 shows at the White House (including two performances for the President himself), Granger Smith is well on his way to leaving a large footprint on American music.

“Music is what I do,” says Granger. “If I can help someone get lost in the moment of a song long enough to forget the worries of the world, or long enough to remember what’s most important, then I’ve done my job.”

It’s hard to say which is more popular, Granger or Earl, but it is guaranteed to be a great show!


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