Heroic Rescue of Woman in Distress on Hwy 71 Bridge in Texarkana


Earlier today, a woman in distress was on the 71 viaduct bridge in downtown Texarkana threatening to Jump. TAFD was quick to respond to the scene, but then so did a bunch of other folks.

Emotional difficulties, mental issues, depression, are all exasperated this time of year, and earlier today, a young lady that is struggling was threatening to jump from the Hwy 71 bridge in downtown Texarkana above the railyard.

First responders had her hemmed in with firetruck ladders to keep her from pacing back and forth and they spent hours negotiating with her. Meanwhile, Joe Gay and some of his crew grabbed a bounce house from Crossties Venue, took off down the road with it, and inflated it beneath the lady. She couldn’t go right or left, and there was a big bouncy castle beneath her.

A firefighter on the ladder saw an opportunity to grab the young lady by her waistband and he snatched her into his arms as operators began quickly lowering that ladder onto the top of the bounce house. She fought with him but there was no way he was going to let her fall.

We just want to give a big shout of respect to everyone that came together downtown today to ensure this woman’s safety and that she will get the help she so desperately needs.



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