History of ‘Good Friday’ and How to Observe


The Friday before Easter commemorates the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ in the Christian Faith and is called Good Friday. Here is some history, and ways many observe the day.

Christians around the world recall the biblical story of Jesus’s crucifixion on this day. The day goes by other names as well, such as Holy Friday, Black Friday, and Great Friday. The phrase “Good Friday” may have been derived from “God’s Friday, “though sources conflict.

The observance is central to the Christian holy season that leads up to Easter when Jesus Christ was resurrected. While Easter has become a traditional celebration in the secular world, Good Friday has remained a holy and spiritual observance.

Churches across the country hold services. Depending on the denomination, their services and traditions may vary. For example, churches will fast, select specific hymns for services, and drape black fabric over the lectern and cross. Many spend the day in meditative reflection for the three hours that Christ was on the cross.


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