If You Get This Text Message Do Not Respond Because It’s a Scam


Multiple people in the Texarkana area are receiving text messages from a source claiming that “Your card is deactivated…” and hoping to get potential victims to respond by visiting a website link… it is a scam!

These particular messages have an email address associated with a bank that is actually in Lake Mary, Florida but the email address is bogus. Efforts to reach CFE Federal Credit Union regarding this issue have gone unanswered. There are other texts circulating from other addresses including 98546@vtext.com.

Most credit unions, banks, and other institutions of finance will not notify you of account issues by “text” unless you have specifically signed up for a text service provided by your banking partners.

If you receive this message or even one similar to it, do not respond… and if you have concerns, contact your financial institution at the earliest opportunity.

text 400 Collage

(Photos via Facebook/Andy Ghio & Carrisa Dierkson)


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