Jazz Great Ted Ludwig to Perform with Texarkana Symphony Orchestra


World-class jazz guitarist Ted Ludwig will perform at Texarkana’s Perot Theatre on Saturday, February 5 in downtown Texarkana. Tickets are available for this program, “Exotic Inspirations“.

Ludwig will appear at the Perot Theatre on Saturday, February 5 at 7:30 pm. Known for his mastery of the 7-string guitar, and hailing from New Orleans, Ludwig has always been a huge fan of Jazz:

Jazz is universal! It crosses the boundaries between generations, cultures, and religious backgrounds. It promotes diversity and unites us all!

Jazz is a colorful language! Not a spoken language, but one of rhythm, melody, and harmony that exists on a canvas of time.

Jazz is an intuitive dance! It is an art that happens in the moment while paying homage to the past and keeping aim on the future.

Jazz is pure expression! It is a conversation of life experience, intellect and wit. It is my voice, my passion, my song!

Tickets range from $22 to $42 and can be purchased at the Perot Theatre Box Office or online HERE.


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