Local Car Club Takes Mannequin Challenge to ‘Hero Level’ [VIDEO]


Texarkana Imports is a group of automotive enthusiasts that focus on import vehicles. Recently the group decided to get in on the “Mannequin Challenge” and produce a video, but the project grew into even more with help from local law enforcement officers. Check it out…

Officers with the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office and the Nash Texas Police Department got involved in the video project that morphed into a Super Hero theme for a little more fun.

From the car club’s Facebook group page:

Texarkana Imports #HeroChallenge is complete. Thanks to everyone that dedicated time to making this a fantastic video showing our support and gratitude to our Law Enforcement.

While we used the Joker to symbolize a threat it shows that no matter the risk they will step forward. Putting themselves between us and danger to keep us safe.Thank You.

Special thanks to the Bowie County Sheriffs Department and the Nash Police Department for their help in making this video.

Please share this video to everyone you know. Let’s encourage others to show support to their heroes. Nurses, FireFighters, Military, Teachers and the list goes on…


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