Local Health Authority Reports Texarkana Hospitals are at Capacity


We were fortunate to have an opportunity to meet with our Bowie County Health Authority, Dr. Matt Young, about the strain of the COVID 19 pandemic on Texarkana Hospitals, and “we are full”.

Dr. Young has been on our front lines of the COVID battle in Bowie County since the beginning. Here we discuss COVID Fatigue on our population, the stress on our local healthcare workers, and just how critical capacity at our local hospitals really are. The fact is, Texarkana is a regional hub for medical care, serving a large region, and “we are full” but have been able to manage the situation somewhat, with some of the more critical patients having to be transferred to other hospitals in other cities like Longview.

Now more than ever, practice social distancing, wash your hands, and wear a mask over your NOSE and MOUTH.


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