Local Hunter Harvests 700 Pound Alligator from Millwood Lake in Southwest Arkansas


Local hunter Josh Thomson of Ashdown Arkansas one of only 68 people to receive a permit from the State of Arkansas to harvest an alligator in 2016. Hunting dates for 2016 have been limited to September 16 to 19, and September 23 to 26. Thomson bagged his 12-foot 1-inch gator on the night of September 24.

Thomson received a permit for harvesting one alligator from Zone 1 of Millwood Lake, an area that stretches from Wilton Landing on Highway 71 to Millwood Dam, Shown in the photo from left to right is Jeremy Jones, Joshua Thomson, Jesse Hinton and Royce Mullins.

via Facebook

via Facebook

Hunters in Arkansas must completely subdue an alligator before finishing it with a shotgun or shotgun shell bang stick using shot no larger than no. 4 common shot. Hunters use a snare or a harpoon to catch the gator and wear them down. Once dispatched, all alligators must be tagged with a temporary possession tag and hunters must notify the AGFC by phone to check the animal.

Josh Thomson and his friends were able to get the gator in his boat near White Cliffs Landing in Little River on the North side of the Lake.


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