Local Ladies are Making a Big Difference as ‘Texas Pin Ups for Vets’


Meet our local “Texas Pin ups for Vets“, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting our local VA Hospitals and Clinics as well as boost the morale of our Veterans and currently enlisted personnel. The group of lovely ladies was founded in Texarkana in 2015.

Bunny LeBlanc

Bunny LeBlanc

The organization was founded in August of 2015, with inspiration from a group of ladies that perform as pin-ups for vets on a National scale. Alisha Barrington, a.k.a. Bunny LeBlanc, noticed that many smaller, local hospitals, clinics and homes were missing out on the funding and support provided by the national group. So, Barrington reached out to the president of that national group only to find that the president of the organization had not even heard of many of the smaller places that needed funding. So, “Bunny LeBlanc” took action and “Texas Pin Ups for Vets” was formed.

The group’s first event was held in October of 2015 at the American Legion Post #488 in New Boston Texas, raising money for the Sam Rayburn Memorial Veteran’s Clinic in Bonham, Texas. Post #488 of the American Legion has been one of the biggest supporters of the group since the group’s inception.

Being centralized in such a unique location as ours, the ladies are able to raise money to support VA Hospitals and Clinics in the Four States Region. Most of our local veterans use the hospitals and clinics located outside of Texas, so for the group’s second event, held in July of this year, the ladies raised funds for Overton Brooks VA Medical Center in Shreveport, where so many of our local vets seek treatment.


Husbands, boyfriends, and family help make up the special “Flight Crew” as the ladies call them, they are the support that help with decorating floats, evetns, and the logistics of getting the ladies to and from the events so they are able to maintain their “cute”.

When asked of future events and efforts to support our Veteran’s, Miss Bunny LeBlanc told us,

We are currently working to produce calendars featuring the lovely “Texas Pin-Ups” to help raise more funds for the Veterans. There will be an option to either purchase one for yourself or to give one as a gift to a veteran or current service members. Texas Pin Ups for Vets is in need of your support to help bring smiles to the faces of our Texas Veterans and Service members. There are lots of ways to help out and any support would be truly appreciated!

For more information on how you can join the ladies, or how you can help our “Texas Pin Ups for Vets” with their efforts, visit the group’s Facebook Page.



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