Local Law Enforcement Officers Participate in ‘Lip Sync Challenge’ [VIDEO]


Some of our area’s finest law enforcement officers have stepped up for the Law Enforcement Lip Sync Challenge. Here are a few of our favorite locals.

Representing TTPD, Officer Clint Akin goes old school…

Lip Sync Challenge

Several of you have asked us if TTPD is up to the police lip sync video challenge. Well, we think we are. We'll post some over the next few days and let you be the judge. ;)In this first video, Officer Clint Akin goes old school with this classic. We bet you will be singing along before it's over.

Posted by Texarkana Texas Police Department on Monday, July 2, 2018

This one from Sgt Woodard is probably our favorite, check out the passion

Miller County stepped up and gets extra points for really singing and getting most of the words right…

Lip sync challenge exceptedBack the Blue MCSOI challenge all surrounding departmentsI do not own the rights to this music.

Posted by Thomas Whitt on Sunday, July 1, 2018

Atlanta PD, ain’t skeered…

??‍♀️LEO LIP ? SYNC ? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED‼️??‍♀️Share and challenge your law enforcement friends! ??? Atlanta Texas APD representing! ?#ichallengeyou#callingallpatrolofficers#dontbeshy#backtheblue??

Posted by Kelly Gerber on Sunday, July 1, 2018

Nash PD also accepted the challenge and went beyond with their choreography

Here it is guys, the highly anticipated Nash Police Department and Wake Village Police Department ultimate #lipsyncchallege video! We do not own the rights to the sweet sounds of “Blue” by Eiffel 65! Enjoy our fun collab!!! Thank you Paige Anne Hedtke for filming myself and Jonathan Michael Olbert, and thank you Adam Ball for putting up with our 5 minutes of shenanigans! ???#thinblueline#coplipsync#texascops#backtheblue

Posted by Ash McNewton on Sunday, July 1, 2018


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