Local Pawn Shop Owner Cleared of Murder for Hire Charges


Charges against local Pawn Shop owner William Duffer have been dismissed. Duffer was arrested and charged in an alleged murder for hire plot in June of 2016. Mr. Duffer has been cleared of all of the charges that Miller County prosecutors had brought against him. 

Reports state witness Christina Dougan testified that a man named Joey Moore, that she knows from previous dealings, had made the false accusations against Bill Duffer in an effort to win favor with Ms. Dougan when he found out that there had been a falling out between Dougan and Duffer Dougan had worked for Duffer at Tri-State Pawn Shop and said that they had an intimate relationship. Dougan went on to say that she would not testify against, Duffer and that she would not cooperate with prosecutors on the case.

Prosecuting Attorney Stephanie Black made a motion for dismissal of all felony charges against William Duffer and Circuit Judge Kirk Johnson granted the request. All criminal charges against Duffer have been dropped.

We have not been able to learn if Miller County Prosecutors intend to seek any charges against Joey Moore in the case. We hope to see that information from local news sources.


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