Local Teen Busks to Rehearse for her ‘American Idol’ Audition


A 16-year-old teen, Hailey Wright, of Redwater Texas has an upcoming audition for “American Idol” on August 11. To get ready, Hailey is doing some busking in downtown Texarkana for the many making their way to the new entertainment districts.

Our buddy Jeff, with El Frio Express, called and said that a young lady was up there performing with just her and a guitar, she had an audition for American Idol and we should talk with her. Well, he was absolutely correct. Hailey not only has a deep love of music and performing but she is also an outstanding athlete at fast-pitch softball.

Hailey’s dad, Floyd tells us that she is always driving her mom crazy, putting on concerts in the living room and such. Hailey will audition for “American Idol” on August 11, 2021. We cannot wait to see if she makes it. If she does, we will actually watch the show.

Hailey has been singing most of her life, her dad Floyd said she was singing before talking. Hailey attends Premiere High School and has taught herself to play guitar on the same pawnshop rig she’s playing in this video. She was shocked when folks started giving her tips and said she will take the money she makes and try to buy a brand new guitar.

This young lady is extremely talented and driven, and we wish her the best of luck with the TV Show, but have no doubt she is going to have a bright future!


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