Local Video Celebrity Spreads Christmas Cheer to Area Shoppers [VIDEO]


Most people on social media in this area know him as your onsite reporter Craig Jenkins for his KSLE News & Weather, or maybe as Roscoe the Mechanic that prefers the Newport 1000’s. He’s a funny guy with a big heart and for the last couple of years, he has been known to locally spread some Christmas cheer… and some money!

Most know him as Craig Jenkins your Chief Ni… as your chief… your Chief African-Americanologist… honestly, I don’t even know if I am allowed to say the word he uses… but you know him from his reports on his fictional KSLE News page ( I honestly think that was just a mistake adlib on his first video and it just stuck because he didn’t want any issues with the call letters he was thinkin’) and other video characters that he does for a good time and laughs and he does get lots of laughs.

Truth is, Anthony Craig Jackson is just a good guy. He is a good dad, works a real at a very difficult job everyday, and LOVES Christmas. Over the past couple of years, he has taken to the mall and area shopping centers and stores to spread some Christmas love in the form of gift-cards. $50 here, $25 there just randomly picking out strangers and making their holidays a little bit brighter. Check out this video from this last weekend…


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