Local Water Company Offers Credit Reward to Help Find Leaks


The Macedonia-Eylau Water Department is searching for a leak in its system and is turning to customers to help. They are offering a $500 credit reward to the first customer to report a leak, or leaks that are keeping their system down.

There is a major leak somewhere or multiple leaks that are keeping them from being able to restore service to their customers, so they are reaching out for help in finding the problem, or pl

From the Macedonia-Eylau Water Department

The Macedonia-Eylau Water Department is offering a $500 credit reward for the first person who calls in any major water break. A major water break is defined as any break on District water main, not a service lateral unless that lateral is four inches or greater in diameter.

This means that a person’s or business’s water will be free until they reach the $500 mark.
This reward applies to each and every water break that occurs in the Macedonia Water service area. It ONLY applies to the FIRST person that calls in each break AND it is verified.

Customers are asked to call 903-832-1691. They need to leave a message and a service technician will meet them to verify.


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