M.C.S.O Confirms that Genoa Central High School Gun Threat Just Rumor


On Friday, many parents went to Genoa Central High School to take their kids out of class after rumors of a firearm threat circulated on social media. Those rumors were false!

We reached out to Deputy Penney at the Miller County Sheriff’s Office early in the day and he told us that deputies were at the school to investigate the rumors but there was no evidence of a “gun threat”. We shared the info, but rumors persisted… and grew.

From the Miller County Sheriff’s Office:

The Miller County Sheriff’s Office would like to immediately release the following information regarding the incident investigated today at Genoa High School. During the investigation there was NO evidence to confirm that a student(s) made any threats, had any weapons or wanted to cause any harm to others. There has been speculation that an arrest was made, however this is untrue information and we are confident that every employee and child is safe. Please take a moment to share this updated information.


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