Make Sure to Follow these Fireworks Safety Tips for the New Year


Many like to celebrate the New Year with fireworks and many vendors have their stands up and selling already. On top of the whole “don’t blow your hands off” or “start a wildfire”, this year we want to keep in mind all of the guidelines we need to follow to help slow down the spread of COVID 19.

So, we start with all of the shooting of fireworks inside city limits, it is illegal within most area cities. If you feel like an outlaw and just have to do it, please be considerate of neighbors with pets or those possibly suffering with PTSD. So, do let people know you will be shooting them off… and cut it out by 10:00 pm!!

For the celebration of starting off 2021, we have to take into account the CDC rules about social-distancing, masks, and hand-washing. As much as we are all wanting to gather with family, many are seeing this as an opportunity to meet up out in the country, outdoors in a group, and still, be safe. Do your best to help prevent the spread of COVID 19.

Now we have all of our Fireworks Safety Tips…

1. Always read and follow all warnings and label instructions.
2. Never allow children to play with or light fireworks.
3. The adult lighting the fireworks should always wear eye protection. No one should ever have any part of their body over the fireworks.
4. Use fireworks outdoors only.
5. Be sure other people are out of range in all directions before lighting fireworks.

Goodbye 2020, but we can’t close it out without offering a prayer of comfort to those who will be hurting from this last year. We truly hope for all to experience more peace, love, and understanding in 2021. Have a happy and healthy New Year!


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