Medical Marijuana is Coming to Texarkana Arkansas [OPINION POLL]


The wheels are turning in Arkansas for medical marijuana dispensaries to open for business, and Texarkana is a prime location for investors in the industry as a location in the state to take advantage of neighboring states of Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. We wanted to ask your opinion on medical marijuana with our opinion poll.

Not only are investors lined up to apply for dispensaries, but also cultivation operations, The Cannabist reports that it isn’t just local investors, but Texarkana Arkansas has become the focus for many in the industry. Even titling their blog post about the topic, “The Country’s Next Medical Marijuana Hotbed Could Be… Texarkana?

So, the law passed in the state of Arkansas, but being that we have often seen small groups with large funds opposing many issues from Anti-Discrimination Ordinances, to Alcohol sales we wanted to ask you to share your opinion. While Texarkana Arkansas officials are working on details for applications, procedures, and zoning for related businesses, we want to know what the citizenry thinks on this topic with our opinion poll…

In general... Are you for or against medical marijuana and related operations in Texarkana, Arkansas?


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