Miller County Courthouse Recieved Major Damage from Burst Pipes [VIDEO]


The Historic Miller County Courthouse in Texarkana Arkansas has taken major damage from a number of burst pipes in the old building that has been undergoing big renovation projects. Judge Cathy Harrison shows us the damage.

As the region thaws out from two major winter storms in a week that brought massive amounts of snow and ice for our area, and 113 straight hours of sub-freezing temperatures, bursting pipes are a huge problem area-wide. The historic Miller County Courthouse has taken some major damage with burst water pipes that have flooded the building and has caused ceilings to cave in and more.

Miller County Judge Cathy Harrison shared,

Cleaning began at the Miller County Courthouse. The second and first floors as well as the basement has a lot of damage. The ceilings have fell in in several office. The County Extension Office, Judge Carlton Jones, Judge Brent Haltom and the second floor courthouse room where flooded out. In the first floor there is damage to the County Judges Office, Collectors Office, Circuit Clerks Office and the State Police Office. Ceilings have fell in from all of the water. In the basement the Prosecuting Attorneys ceiling has fell in as well as flooding from all the water. The heat is restored but the elevator is still out of order. Tomorrow we will begin clearing furniture and etc out of the affected offices to start removing the carpet. We plan to have the courthouse open Monday but it will be a mess, so please be patient with us.

It was easier for Judge Harrison to make videos than try to text out all that is going on…


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