Miraculous Story of Infant Ejected from Car Over the Weekend [VIDEO]


A Nissan Altima traveling east on I-30 gets clipped by an 18-wheeler changing lanes and sends the car into a spin. The car then strikes the protective guardrail on the median and through glass and debris an infant child is ejected thru the rear glass of the vehicle and survives with only a small scratch.

KSLA 12 reported with video from the scene where firefighters are sure that is was divine intervention that saved this baby…

Five people were in the car heading to Hope, Arkansas when the accident occurred. An 18-wheeler was attempting to change lanes and clipped the back end of the car sending in spinning in front of the truck and ending up facing the other direction against the median guardrail. In the crash, the infant was thrown from the child safety seat and out of the shattered back windshield. As the passengers exited the vehicle the driver of the car, Trina Johnson was struck by a passing vehicle and is recovering in a local hospital. Other passengers in the car including the child’s mother, Jakesia Colson and others began frantically searching for 8-month-old Bryce Hale unable to find the baby anywhere she was in a panic.

Texarkana Arkansas Firefighters on the scene found the baby more than 25 feet from the accident scene. The infant was thrown into high grass and down into a storm drain with only a small scratch on her head as her only injury. The child’s survival has been referred to as a miracle, and we believe it…

The truck driver received a citation for improper and unsafe lane change. Authorities have said that baby Bryce was not properly restrained in the car-safety seat, and the seat itself was not properly installed. No citations were issued to the family.

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