Monjunis Italian Café & Market is Returning to Texarkana


Monjunis Italian Cafe & Market is returning to Texarkana in January 2023! This time located on the Arkansas side of Stateline Avenue in front of the Holiday Inn & Convention Center. Love that Monjunis sauce!

A frequent visitor to the Shreveport location, also known as Monjunis of Portico on Youree Drive, I have always enjoyed the food, but always stock up on a few jars of their signature sauces for home. Years ago they were located over on New Boston Road on the Texas side and did really good business for a while, but still didn’t make it at that store, which is now doing business as “Chilango’s Mexican Restaurant“. They moved over to Summerhill Road before eventually closing during a restructuring of the company.

This time, I expect them to be the restaurant to break the bad juju at their new location in Texarkana, Arkansas which once housed another Louisiana-based restaurant group, Copeland’s. It has had a couple of folks give it a go, but couldn’t hit the mark. Fingers-crossed this will be one of my regular stops. I could still get the sauce and cook at home, but they do it a lot better.

I know there has been a couple of companies interested in the other vacant restaurant building next door to this location. Too early to say right now, but fingers crossed we will know more in the next month.



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