New Law to Curb Texting and Driving in Arkansas Takes Effect July 31


We have all seen people with their face in the phone and driving down the road, weaving side to side. Beginning Monday, July 31 “Paul’s Law” goes into effect in Arkansas to crack down on texting and driving by placing steep fines for the offense.

Fines for violating Paul’s Law, or Act 706 will be $250 for the first offense. If texting and driving is the cause of an accident, the fine will double to $500.

For the record, social media interaction, email, etc… all counts as “texting” by the letter of the law.

For more information on this new law CLICK HERE.

Some of the other laws that will also go into effect on Monday, July 31 in the state of Arkansas…

ACT 849
It becomes illegal to have an open container of alcohol in a vehicle where a driver of passenger can get it.

ACT 1097
Raises speed limit to 75 mph on Arkansas Highways at the AHTD’s discretion.

ACT 1071
Employees with a concealed carry license may legally keep their weapons in their vehicles at work.

ACT 313
Direct shipping of wine from small farm wineries to Arkansas homes will be legal.


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