Night to Shine Drive Thru and Virtual Celebration this Friday February 12


Friday, February 12 it is the Tim Tebow Night to Shine, with a few adjustments for the pandemic. The event will be in two parts, the prom itself will be virtual but we want that special in-person treatment all attendees get, cheers, flash photography, and all, so we are going to have a drive-thru red carpet event in the parking lot at the Texarkana Arkansas Convention center.

The annual Night to Shine Prom benefits so many people on so many different levels. I find it hard to explain in words because it really is something you should experience. With the COVID 19 pandemic this year’s prom will be virtual, but for those that have been to this event know that the highlight is when prom attendees arrive and walk the red carpet to cheers from everybody, local cheerleaders, and ballplayers from the area high schools, everybody is using flash photography… It is so cool. All prom attendees get gift bags and their King and Queen Crowns and Sashes. The pandemic is not going to stop this event or the love that goes with it.

Since we cannot do this face to face as attendees arrive at the prom, like years past. For 2021 we are doing a drive-thru event. This will take place in the parking lot of the Texarkana Arkansas Convention Center from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm and everyone is invited to be a part of this, just get there early. All of our special guests will be driven thru our special reception line in the safety of their vehicles while the crowd cheers them on. They will receive their gift bags and goodies that go along with being prom royalty, then enjoy the prom itself virtually.

The Tim Tebow Night to Shine is huge for our local Runnin WJ Ranch, for more information call 903.838.3223 or check out the Facebook Event Page.


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