Officials State that Number of COVID 19 Cases in Our Region are Climbing [VIDEO]


Dr. Matt Young addressed the public today from the Texarkana Joint Operations Center. In his statement, he warns that the cases of COVID-19 in our region are climbing. Of 3 cases that have been hospitalized, 2 needed ventilators and all were under the age of 60. Watch.

Joint Operations Center COVID-19 Update for 03/24/20

Joint Operations Center COVID-19 Update for 03/24/20

Posted by The City of Texarkana, Texas on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

From the Texarkana Joint Operations Center:

The number of positive cases in Bowie and Cass counties has remained at one for each the following few days. There is an overall lack of testing capabilities and a delay in results in the greater Texarkana region. We know that the original case in Bowie county was travel-related, but the case in Cass county came from personal contact with the Bowie County case. This likely means there are more cases in our area, but tests are extremely limited and not every patient with symptoms can be tested. We would like to also remind everyone that Texarkana is a medical and retail hub for a much larger region. Our hospitals will likely treat patients from several counties and states. We receive directions from the state and federal health authorities that the patient should be counted in their county and state of origin, but even if the cases did not originate in our region, we are aware of the cases and have assisted in their investigations. Of the 3 known local cases that have been hospitalized, 2 required ventilatory support during their hospitalization. The demographics reveal these patients are all under 60 years of age and had very mild if any pre-existing conditions. This is concerning. The number of cases are climbing in our region. However, not all cases are being tested or resulted. Do not be mislead, we are in the midst of a pandemic. We still need to heed the warnings from local, state, and national leaders. People should not get a fake sense of security. This is still very much a public health crisis. We are working with local hospitals and healthcare providers to maintain their level of readiness. Local healthcare providers are following the CDC and health department guidelines along with physician recommendations when requesting a test. If the person being treated does not meet guidelines for testing they may be sent home to self-quarantine for a suggested amount of time. This is very important to help minimize exposure. The joint operations center has asked for more supplies fro our state and federal government, but currently, they are not readily available when we are already limited on our personal protective equipment and we never had access to the mass quantities of COVID 19 testing everyone has heard about on National TV. Hopefully, with the Governor’s executive order we will have greater access to these materials. As beautiful spring weather arrives, please remember that this is not our usual springtime in Texarkana. This is not spring break. This is not a vacation. We need the public’s help to deal with this crisis, Clean and wash your hands. Keep a social distance. Avoid gatherings of 10 or more. This is the only way to help contain and decrease the spread of this virus. Follow the CDC guidelines. Please stay home, or semi-alone. Only you can prevent COVID 19. For more information about the Governor’s orders please visit Thank you.


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