Officials Warn Parents of Possible New Drug Threat to Local Students


Officials with the Liberty Eylau School District posted information on social media warning parents of a new threat that could be spreading to our area, referencing an email warning received from Law Enforcement. Gummy candies infused with the same chemicals in synthetic marijuana, and other drugs are a big concern.

Liberty Eylau Facebook Page:

We would like to alert parents and staff to a product that may be headed to our community. We received an email from law enforcement this morning regarding GUMMY BEARS and GUMMY WORMS containing the same ingredients as SYNTHETIC MARIJUANA. Please help us educate our children and let them know of the dangers behind SYNTHETIC MARIJUANA, and the possibilities that the drug may be placed in simple candy or other very likable products. There have been no reports of this candy on any LEISD campus. However, we feel it is important to remain vigilant in these matters. We appreciate the community’s support in putting a stop to this type of drug distribution to our children.

On a National level, there have been many cases lately of gummy candies laced with the drug Flakka, and other illegal substances. So, there are possibilities of many different drugs being introduced to youngsters. As always the best defense for your children is education.


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