Ordinance M130 that Texarkana Arkansas Adopted in January – Have You Read it?


People in Texarkana are all sounding off on ordinance M130, an anti-discrimination ordinance that the Texarkana Arkansas Board of Directors adopted in January. This ordinance has produced a lot of controversy lately… read it.

There is a group that call themselves “Repeal M130” that is spending large sums of money, in attempts to have the anti-discrimination ordinance over-turned. I spoke to members that claim they are paying lawyers, private investigators, and a public relations firm in an effort to strike down the anti-discrimination ordinance. The group has been using scare tactics with the community claiming that it is about restroom usage and that if you do not discriminate men will start using women’s restrooms, dogs will start loving cats, etc…

On the other side of the argument is a grass roots movement that call themselves “Keep 130” is spending no money, and using the ordinance itself to defend the anti-discrimination policy. I spoke to members of the pro-ordinance group and they said that they are just using the facts and from what I have seen on social media, that is true.

On a Facebook post in the group Texarkana Cheers & Jeers, the question that I see repeated over and over is “have you read the ordinance”, and it is obvious that the most vocal proponents of repeal of the ordinance have NOT read it. So, here it is…

m130 1

m130 2


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