Passengers Stranded on Shockwave Roller Coaster at Six Flags in Arlington


People getting a head start on their fourth of July weekend at Six Flags over Texas in Arlington hit a snag when the Shockwave Roller Coaster broke down and left approximately two dozen people, including guests from our region, stranded in a very precarious position.

The ride stopped on the tracks on the initial ascent, and shut down when a the roller coaster computer detected an error. After about 30 minutes of being stuck on an incline Six Flags employees helped riders to the ground via stairs. In a statement to the Metroplex CBS Affiliate, Six Flags officials said,

“There were multiple team members that were there, including some our maintenance engineers, who safely attached themselves to the ride so that they could free up the walkway area and assist our guests in getting down,” explained Six Flags spokeswoman Sharon Parker. “Our team members are very well trained on how to handle situations like this and they handled it as quickly as they could. The most important thing is that all of our guests were able to safely disembark.”

The Shockwave Roller Coaster remains closed down, and will not re-open until the completion of inspections and investigations into the incident.

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