Peak Fighting PF:15 Ceremonial Weigh-in Face-offs [VIDEO]


Peak Fighting presents PF:15 on Friday, August 21 at the Texarkana Arkansas Convention Center. This card is stacked with beasts, if you are an MMA fan, head to now and get your tickets or set your pay-per-view, do not miss this!

Saturday Night will be thunderous inside the Texarkana Arkansas Convention Center with PF:15. This card has some fighters that have for a long time wanted to get at each other. We also have a United States Olympian in Tae Kwon Do making her MMA debut… Just watch the video of the faceoffs. Warning about some of the language, just, well, you know.

Tickets are still available for tonight’s PF:14 and for Saturday’s PF:15 at PEAKFIGHTING.COM

Ethan King Vs. Romeo Mares
Dwight Brown Vs. Lance Johns
Marcus Thomas Vs. Bo Vaughn
Dawson Moore Vs. Kolby Collins
Main Card
Rod Moore Vs. Marcus Williamson
Mia Grawe Vs. Charlotte Craig
Madison Guinn Vs. Alexandra Lawal
Tshaka Curtis Vs. Jeffrey Craig
Jose Mercado Vs. Robbie Ricks
Jesus Martinez Vs. Josh Islas
Main Event
Malik Lewis Vs. Tyler Smith
Zachary Reese Vs. Malik Jahmaze

As you can tell in the video below, what even seems like a little disrespect can lead to some violent consequences… just wait until they are in the cage at PF:15.


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