‘PLANdemic’ Debunked with World Renowned Virologist Dr. Ben Neuman [VIDEO]


In these uncertain times, you can be certain there will be some to do their best to capitalize on a tragic situation. Along comes a viral video that keeps getting removed called “PLANdemic”. It is a preview of a full-length documentary. Snopes says it’s fake. We went to one of the world’s leading Virologist and Coronavirus experts, Dr. Benjamin Neuman to ask his opinion of the science.

We are not posting this to try to sway you one way or another. Dr. Benjamin Neuman is one of the world’s leading experts on coronaviruses and we are extremely lucky to have him and his family here in our hometown. He is currently the head of Biology at TAMU-T. We encourage you to seek out “Dr. Ben Neuman’s Science Group” and ask any questions you like. We first discovered Dr. Ben as he was doing guest appearances on news outlets from all around the globe. We got in contact and he came in and did a video with us, and some podcasting, and we became socially distant friends. So, being the smartest scientist I know, I wanted to know what he thought of the viral video YouTube keeps removing.

From my own searching, there were three main choices… researcher claims discovery, universities, and private companies that some scientists work for and fund their research own patents, intellectual property, jail, released… OR… she is being silenced by big brother for the discovery of HIV vaccine in an effort to make the world get all sorts of vaccines and make billions of dollars… OR… she was just not a very good researcher and falsified data in a paper that was disproven by multiple teams of researchers in altogether different programs… I have no idea, and when it comes to conspiracy theories, I can’t think of any that have been proven.

So, I asked Dr. Ben… “PLANdemic” is a film that claims Researcher Judy Mikovits was thrown in jail after she refused to discredit research that led to the discovery that deadly retroviruses have been transmitted through vaccines. Snopes says, “False”. Many respected researchers agree.

People ultimately will believe whatever they want, but we always try to go to someone a lot smarter and much more qualified than us, with just about all of our scientific questions. Dr. Neuman is one of the world’s leading virologists and a most respected expert on coronaviruses. Here he discusses, the recent video for “PLANdemic”:

I watched the PLANdemic preview also, and always look at things from an open mind and without a predetermined belief. I was at first intrigued, but by doing my own research on this… I don’t think there is a whole truth in the story. Watch what you want, read what you want, but we hope you listened to Dr. Ben, and do put some real science behind rumors and such. Seek out the truth for yourself, and learn. If you are pre-dispositioned to already have an opinion on vaccinations, that is the way you are going lean.

Another very respected voice in the coronavirus research community added this about …

‘Plandemic’ is an absolute, complete and utter crock of ****. This woman is widely known (and has been for years) in the scientific community – she had most of her research retracted because it was plain WRONG. She lost her funding, tried to sabotage other people’s work and got mad about it. Mad enough to lash out and peddle untruths to anyone willing to listen. She, like the idiot who claimed vaccines caused autism (who, remember, also had to retract his flawed research because IT WASN’T TRUE), are dangerous.

And another commented…

She is not a vigilante for justice or a voice for the common man, saving you from the big bad wolf – she’s a charlatan, a fraudster and she’s proving how low she will go by playing on the anxieties of millions during this coronavirus crisis. Do yourself and society a favour and call it out as the diabolic trash it is.


Judy Anne Mikovits is an American anti-vaccination activist, conspiracy theorist, and former medical researcher. She has made several claims regarding vaccines, coronavirus, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

I’m no scientist, but I know enough to understand how people will lie, cheat, stab you in the back, and more for the money. So, keep an open mind, and look into everything! If you would like to do your own research, do try to make sure you are reading peer-reviewed papers. A good source, that has like a summation for people of my intelligence (simple) at the beginning, that breaks it down so I can understand, is GOOGLE SCHOLAR.


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