Police Make Arrest in Auto Theft Shared on Social Media


Texarkana Texas Police have arrested a suspect in the theft of a 2018 Ford Expedition from the Arkansas side. The owner accidentally left their garage open overnight on Monday and the vehicle was stolen. The owners shared the information on Facebook and police found the vehicle just before midnight on Tuesday.

Media Release on arrest:

Just before midnight last night, Officer Jarrod Dean noticed a blue 2018 Ford Expedition sitting the back yard of a house in the 2600 block of Hazel Street. He remembered an email from earlier in the day about a similar vehicle having been reported stolen on the Arkansas side. After running the tag and confirming that it was in fact the stolen vehicle, he knocked on the front door of the house and asked to speak to the driver of the Expedition. Jason Stover, 41, came out to talk to him on the front porch briefly before taking off running down the street. Officers Cole Bredenberg and Dean caught up with him after about a block and were able to place him under arrest. When the officers searched him before taking him to jail, they found the keys to the Expedition in his pants pocket.

Jason Stover, 41

The vehicle was impounded for safe keeping until it can be returned to its owner.

Stover was charged with Unauthorized Use of Vehicle and Evading Arrest and is being held in the Bi-State Jail. A judge set his bond for both charges at $15,000 this morning.

On Tuesday morning the vehicle owner, Tina Grimes, shared information about the crime on her Facebook Page, and it was shared in Texarkana Cheers & Jeers, and Bowie County News & Reviews groups…

If anyone sees this vehicle around town please notify the police immediately. Saturday night my garage door was left open by mistake and around 3:15 am, this 2018 Ford Expedition was stolen out of my garage. We have it on our video surveillance but the can’t really make out much from it. I have attached some pictures of the vehicle and the surveillance. Thanks in advance for your help!


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