Police Receive Donation of New Equipment to Educate Area Youth on Dangers of D.W.I.


Texarkana Emergency Center has donated two new pedal cars and several pairs of “drunk goggles” to the Texarkana Texas Police Department to use in youth education programs conducted by the department to assist in teaching youngsters the dangers of drunk driving.

The presentation of the equipment to officials with T.T.P.D. and a demonstration of how the pedal cars and goggles can be used to simulate the effect of impaired driving took place today at the T.T.P.D. Special Operations Training Center located near Spring Lake Park. The equipment will be a useful tool in educating area youth on the dangers of drunk and impaired driving. There are different goggles that simulate, drunk driving, driving while impaired by certain drugs, and distracted driving. It is a lot more difficult that you may think.

T.T.P.D. Impaired Driving Simulation Equipment

TTPD Chief Dan Shiner and Dr. Matt Young present equipment donated by Texarkana Emergency Center to the Texarkana Texas Police Department to help with youth education programs.

Posted by Texarkana FYI on Thursday, September 7, 2017


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