Police Seeking Suspect in Recent Series of Violent Crimes


The Hope Arkansas Police Department has issued a warning and a request for help to the public, via social media, in the search of a suspect wanted in a series of recent crimes that include robberies, burglaries, and assaults.

HPD Media Release:

HPD is requesting the public’s vigilance and assistance in identifying a suspect in a series of recent offenses that include robbery, burglary and assaults over the past few weeks. All offenses have occurred east of N. Hazel Street within a couple of blocks of East Third Street and west of Bonner Street. We are asking all residents to take particular caution in and around these areas and call 911 if anyone suspicious is noticed.Suspect is a black male approximately 6 foot tall, slender, typically wears dark clothing and something over his face. Age is unknown. The suspect has stolen approximately $1000 over a few week period. Anyone with any possible information should contact Detective Green at 870-722-2563 or email egreen@hopearkansas.net. If an emergency or suspicious activity exists call 911.


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