Red River Credit Union Employees and Members Make Large Water Donation to Shelter


The Employees and members of Red River Credit Union have gotten together again and made another large donation to the Randy Sam’s Outreach Shelter in downtown Texarkana. Following last year’s urgent call for water, the folks at Red River and the members have donated water and other much-needed items to the shelter again in their continuing efforts.

Media Release:

In continuing with celebrating the 75th anniversary of Red River Credit Union, the employees and members are helping donate items each month for various charities or organizations. In May Red River Credit Union partnered with Randy Sam’s Outreach Shelter to provide bottled water to their residents for the summer. Throughout the month of May, employees and members donated cases of bottled water to be donated to the local Shelter. After making such a tremendous impact in 2017 with a bottled water collection, they did it again. The 2017 collection stemmed from an urgent need for the community to help supply more water at the shelter. With over 2500 bottles of water delivered to the shelter, RRCU hopes they can make an impact for those residents. Bringing a case of water was the requirement for employees to wear Jeans on two separate occasions at the credit union. Instead of having employees pay to wear jeans, they were asked to donate 1 case of water. The bulk of the donation came from the RRCU employees. Many of the RRCU members also donated water and money to purchase water.

RRCU also took 75 individual care bags for the residents. Each bag had at least 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner, 1 soap or body wash, and 1 hand lotion. Many of our bags also included razors, toothbrushes and toothpaste, mouthwash, feminine products, as well as hand sanitizer. The contents of these bags also came from several employees.

“The water donated makes an enormous difference in the lives of those seeking our services. As temperatures rise and heat-related illness become more of a threat, the bottles of water are the first line of defense for our residents.” stated Jennifer Laurent, Randy Sam’s Executive Director. “We are so grateful for this donation,” Laurent continued.
“RRCU is committed to our communities and are extremely happy to give water and hygiene items to the Randy Sam’s Shelter in Texarkana, TX. We pride ourselves in not only helping our own members with their financial needs but also in supporting the communities our members live and work in. Our employees really stepped up and were the ones who were instrumental in making this happen.” Stated Brad Bailey, President RRCU.


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