Results of 8th Annual ‘Best Salsa in the Ark-La-Tex’ Contest at Texarkana Farmer’s Market


There was a fantastic turnout for the 8th Annual “Best Salsa in the Ark-La-Tex Contest” at the Texarkana Texas Farmer’s Market. There were more than 50 entries across 6 categories that really brought the flavor. Overall, Nita Alexander was the winner for Best Salsa in the Ark-La-Tex with her entry into the “Hot” category. 

Here are the results:

1. Mark Missildine
2. Nita Alexander
3. Lisa Downs

1. Donald Barfield
2. Brandy Salisbury
3. Kelsey Owens

1. Nita Alexander
2. Tonya Nelson
3. Maria Wilhite

Smokin’ Hot
1. Bobby J. Smith
2. Daisy Andrews

1. Evelyn Renè Matthews
2. Amanda Haynie
3. Brenda Lee

1 & 2. Caylex Sumrell
3. Trinity Chapman

1. Fuzzy Tacos
2. El Chico
3. On the Border


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