Sheriff James Prince Suffers Snakebite While Recovering Stolen Motorcycle


In a Facebook post, Bowie County Sheriff James Prince spoke of his “interesting evening”… an evening that included getting snakebit while recovering a stolen motorcycle.

Sheriff Prince posted on his Facebook Profile:

This turned out to be an interesting evening. I received an after hours call about a nice motorcycle hidden under some limbs, in the back of a field. My deputies were busy, so I went ahead and responded until they could get there. After Deputies Chris Sutherland and Michelle Carrier arrived, we found the bike. It was under some pretty heavy brush and was starting to get dark. I was about to pick it up by the handle bars and instantly a felt a very sharp sting on my hand. I jumped back and said I had never had a wasp sting that bad, but never seen what it was. We went ahead and recovered the bike that turned out to be stolen out of Wake Village and arrested two guys and a girl on non-related felony charges. I then realized my hand was swollen and starting to itch. I was even swollen about 4″ up my arm. I went to the doctor and he says it looks like a snake bite. Dad gum, all the years growing up in the woods, hunting and training search dogs and it looks like I might have finally got snake bit and don’t even know what kind it was.

I spoke to Sheriff Prince, and he says he is fine and expects make a full recovery. In fact, he said the only thing that “hurts” was his booty where they had to give him injections. He is one tough son of a gun, and we wish him a speedy recovery. We would also like to point out that we have a special appreciation for anyone that still uses a term like “dad gum”.


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