Shocking Racist Message Left for Waitress by Customers at Local Restaurant


Management and staff were shocked by a racist note left for a waitress at the Texarkana Outback Steakhouse location. After tending to a party of five without any signs of dissatisfaction from the customers, this note was left on the table for a local young lady that served the diners.

It seemed to be an evening of business as usual with laughs, good times and good food, according to reports from staff and managers at our Texarkana Outback Steakhouse restaurant. A young waitress at the restaurant had waited on a table of five people. After the group had finished their meal, this note was found on the table, and it is just shocking…


A photo of the note, written on an outback paper coaster, was snapped by a customer that was dining at the table next to the group and she posted it to social media. The note reads, “We did not want a black waitress, Thanks”. Other than the group leaving a $5 tip on the $128 tab, there was never any indication from the customers in question that they were less than satisfied with service, food, or anything really. That is what was so shocking, and hurtful to the young lady that waited on the group. She had no idea that anyone at the table felt this way towards her. We agree with the customer that posted this photo to the Facebook Group, Texarkana Cheers & Jeers… “There is no reason for this kind of meanness”.


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