Steak ‘N Shake in Texarkana Goes Self-Service After Bad Reviews


The Texarkana Steak ‘N Shake Restaurant is shaking up the way they do business. They informed their servers by text message that they will be going with a “Self-serve dining experience” from now on and would no longer be using “servers”.

We spoke to a local manager that wishes to remain unidentified and was told that the local management does not agree with the change, but acknowledges that they have had great difficulty at the store with “service” The local manager told us that after multiple bad reviews of the restaurant that the owner, Rita Morgan, made the decision to change the system in hopes of giving customers a better dining experience. Local employees of the restaurant encourage you to share your opinion at 1-877-785-6745.

The note itself would not be so bad, until the note states “just like Burger King or McDonalds”… it seems like Steak ‘n Shake corporate might take issue with that, considering that they want to be known as “different” if not “better than” their competition.

Photo via Casey Carr

Photo via Casey Carr


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