T.A.F.D. – Heroes and a Special Little 4-year-old Firefighter


Before kids wanted to grow up and be YouTube stars, and video gamers they wanted to grow up and be police officers, doctors, nurses, and of course Firefighters. We saw this and just thought it was the sweetest story and wanted to share it.

Madison Reel posted this photo in Texarkana Cheers & Jeers with the sweetest story about her 4-year-old son Malachi. They were downtown with Rachel Alison Photography to get some shots of Malachi with the Firestation in the background. Here’s what happened next…

CHEERS‼️ to Texarkana Arkansas Fire Department for bringing so much joy to my 4 year old!! I was having his picture taken downtown with his large toy fire truck and luckily for us they had the real thing pulled out washing it!! ? They rose the ladder for him, and one of them climbed all 107 ft! He even slid down the pole for us ! ? They gave him a helmet, a “junior firefighter” sticker, a booklet, and then asked if he wanted to go on a ride around the block in the truck!! Above and beyond!!! ?
He’s been talking about this for 2 days now.

Thank you guys so much for being so kind and reinforcing his dream of being a hero like y’all!
When we got in the car he told me “I’m sorry, but when I’m a fireman I’ll have to live at the fire station, and I won’t live with you anymore.” …at least he broke it to me gently. ?❤️



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