T.T.P.D. K-9 Officer Apprehends Suspect with Felony Warrant


Texarkana Texas Police Department K-9 Officer “Boston” apprehended this man with a felony warrant that escaped the officers trying to place him under arrest.

Texarkana Texas Police Department Press Release:

Texarkana Police arrested Dewayne Fetner, 25, of Texarkana, Texas early this morning after he attempted to flee from officers on Jamison Street near Waggoner Creek.

Officer Colton Johnson observed a man walking in the roadway on Jamison Street at midnight last night.  Aware of recent burglaries in the area, Officer Johnson made contact with the subject, who identified himself as Fetner.  A felony warrant for Probation Violation on Breaking and Entering out of Miller County, Arkansas was confirmed.  After Officer Bo Carter and his K-9 partner Boston arrived on the scene, Officer Johnson attempted to place Fetner under arrest.  However, Fetner managed to pull from Johnson’s grasp and began to run east on Jamison Street before entering wood line along the roadway.  Officer Carter activated the remote door opener on his belt to release Boston from the patrol unit.  After Fetner continued to ignore commands to stop, Carter gave K-9 Boston the apprehend command.  Boston pursued Fetner into the wooded area and caught him approximately 15 yards into the woods.  As officers tried to handcuff Fetner, he continued to actively resist and try to get away.  He hit Boston on the head several times with his fist and pushed against his face.  After they were able to secure both of Fetner’s hands, the K-9 was ordered to disengage.

Fetner was treated for a dog bite to his lower leg at Wadley Regional Medical Center before being transported to the Bi-State Jail.  In addition to the felony Probation Violation warrant, he was also charged with Evading Detention with a Previous Conviction and Resisting Arrest.



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