T.T.P.D. Officers Capture Escaped… Pigs


Texarkana Texas Police responded to a call that a trailer full of pigs had gotten loose at the rest area on Interstate 30. They showed up, and hilarity ensued.

When officers arrived to the scene they found that it was not a trailer full, but that 3 pigs had escaped, and officers quickly rounded them up.

From the TTPD Facebook Page:

Well, you just never know what’s going to happen when you come to work around here. Sometimes, it can be dangerous. Other times, it can be pretty darn funny. Today, it was one of those hilarious ones.

Just a few minutes ago, we got a call about a trailer full of pigs that had gotten loose at the rest area on Interstate 30. Turned out it was only three that had gotten out, but we managed to round them all up pretty quick. Not sure any of us knew that wrangling pigs was anywhere in the job description.

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