T.T.P.D. SWAT Team Participates in Joint Training Exercise [PHOTOS]


The Texarkana Texas SWAT team recently had the chance to participate in a joint exercise with the Longview Police Department in Big Sandy, Texas at the International ALERT Academy.

From the TTPD Facebook Page:

Our SWAT Team recently had the opportunity to conduct joint training with the Longview Police Department at the International ALERT Academy near Big Sandy, Texas. They participated in a day long scenario where the two teams worked together to apprehend three escaped convicts. It also included the evacuation of simulated casualties of a wounded officer and one of the escaped convicts suffering a simulated medical emergency.

The twenty members of our team, who have all volunteered from the ranks of patrol and other police assignments, do this on a part time basis. Most days, they work as patrol officers, detectives. or in administrative positions. But whenever we have a high risk situation such as a barricaded person or someone that has been taken hostage, the team is activated and they immediately respond to help resolve these types of situations that are typically beyond the capabilities of normally equipped and trained Department personnel.

swat training 2

swat training 3


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