A Taste of Real Mexico at Los Ruvalcaba on North Stateline


I had the opportunity to visit Los Ruvalcaba on North Stateline for lunch and decided I wanted to try a LOT on their menu of authentic Mexican cuisine. At the get go I want to say, tell them you heard about it on TexarkanaFYI, because we have to say this place is nothing short of AMAZING!

Los Ruvalcaba is located at 4300 North Stateline Avenue. It is a small, very clean restaurant serving the amazing flavors of the Jalisco region of Mexico near Guadalajara with authentic Mexican cuisine. The restaurant is clean, the restrooms were spotless, but there was not much of a crowd for lunch, telling me that Los Ruvalcaba is one of those little-known treasures of Texarkana Arkansas.

For me, especially at a real Mexican restaurant, I judge heavily by the quality of the Guacamole. I can honestly say that I have quite a few local favorites for guacamole, but what I got at Los Ruvalcaba is some of the best I have had anywhere in the world. I started off, what turned out to be a giant lunch, with a bowl of guacamole and a bowl of Queso along with their house salsa and fresh-made tortilla chips.


Know this, when at an authentic Mexican restaurant the Tacos can tell you almost everything about the entire restaurant. So I did a sampler of the different meats they offer, including my favorite, el pastor. (Pork marinaded with pineapple.) You can now take advantage of special weekend taco specials for Saturdays and Sundays… get $1.50 tacos with Steak, Pastor, Chicharran, Rajas, carnitas, rancherol, and papas and pollo. $1.75 for tacos with Tripa, Barbacoa, Camaron, or Fish.


Not just Tacos, Los Ruvalcaba’s has a great selection of traditional antojitos, Mexican street foods, like tamales, gorditas, quesadillas, empalmes, tostadas, chalupas, elote, tlayudas, and tortas, The tortas, are also very, very good. I went with my favorite filling again, El Pastor…


At Los Ruvalcaba they will often have a daily special posted on their Facebook Page with mostly dishes that are not on the regular menu, always different and on this particular day it was the absolutely amazing “Chili En Nogada”, a traditional dish made of poblano peppers stuffed with a picadillo of meats and fruits covered with an almond sauce and garnish. Served with fried beans and rice.


For my tastes, Los Ruvalcaba is a true gem for Texarkana. I do not have one single complaint. The restaurant is clean, the staff is super friendly and attentive, the food was amazing, and the prices were extremely reasonable and much better than most of the area Tex-Mex restaurants… the food was better too!

Visit Los Ruvalcaba on their Facebook Page or just call ahead to place your order at 870-330-9977.



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