Texarkana Bison Run Considered Huge Success Despite Injuries


The first annual Texarkana Bison Run is in the books and organizers say the event was a huge success despite a few serious injuries to numerous participants and spectators.

The herd of 30 bison on loan from local yahoo and assistant bison rancher Joe Gay stampeded down Broad Street after being unloaded from cattle cars near the railroad switchyard.

A group of 20 volunteer cowboys from New Boston Texas herded the bison for a group of 20 to 25 runners that were dressed in white with a red bandana around their necks kind of like they do with the running of the bulls in Spain.

Texas High School senior, Billy Kidd said,

I got kicked by one buffalo and almost hooked by a horn of another one, it was awesome. This is a whole lot better than a whole season of football games.

Stephanie Smith Mathis was named our very first “Bison Queen”. She had this to say,

Its been a lifelong dream of mine to become something like Bison Queen, and I stand proud and will honor the strength and integrity that has been bestowed upon me.

Organizers and participants are extremely excited to see this event grow next year on April 1.


(With all of the very bad news lately, we just wanted to giggle a little… thanks for letting us goof a bit. The pic and a similar story was sent to us by a friend up in Montana and we wanted to share with a Texarkana spin for April Fool’s Day… Here is the Original Story)



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