Texarkana Family Encounters Sharks on the Beach in Florida [VIDEO]


A Texarkana family while on vacation at Oskaloosa Island off of Ft. Walton Florida. Stephanie Adcock of Texarkana filmed the encounter and posted the video that has received more than 3,000,000 views at the time of this posting.

On June 26, Stephanie posted to Facebook:

*SHARKS* on Okaloosa Island, Ft Walton, FL up close and personal!!! This happened TODAY about 1 hour ago!! As you can see from the video they were in very very shallow water. BE CAREFUL folks that are vacationing on the sunny beaches.

*Yes that’s my crazy husband in the green shirt and Cameron Harvey WAY TO CLOSE to the sharp tooth sharks!!!! ??? How the lady (the one splashing them…what??) didn’t get bit I. DON’T. KNOW!!

Sorry not the best video… I was to scared to go far into the water!!


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