Texarkana Girl Wows Judges with Blind Audition on The Voice [VIDEO]


Stephanie Rice, 27, claims Texarkana, Texas as her hometown and tonight we are just blown away by her talent and her amazing performance in a blind audition on NBC’s “The Voice” that gave her a choice of coaches

Stephanie went to school in Redwater, but was put in a tough situation at the age of 18 when, as she tells it, was “disowned by her parents” after she came out to her family. Her song choice for her audition was the Kelly Clarkson hit “Piece by Piece” that was written about Clarkson’s absentee dad.


Gwen Stefani, in pleading for Rice to please choose her as a coach said,

I was really moved by you. I could feel whatever pain was in there. There is music as an outlet for you. You could only sing that way if you’ve lived it. So, you could only sing like that if you lived it. Sometimes on this show I get real emotional, I feel like I am here for a reason, and right now I feel like I am here to work with you.

Rice had her choice of coaches. Blake Shelton was the first to turn his chair and in less than :15 seconds into her song. Gwen Stefani also turned for Stephanie and both made their pleas to the talented singer, but it was Gwen Stefani that Rice chose as a coach moving forward in the competition.

Many that watched the show may have noticed her brother Ben and Sister-in-law Kacey Jo. Ben was the drummer for the band Pilotdrift. He and Kacey Jo now live in Burbank, CA. and it was Kacey Jo that convinced Stephanie to audition for the show. Stephanie currently lives in Houston where she has a band “Colonial Blue” Even though many viewers of The Voice may think she was after Country Music Performer Blake Shelton as a coach by her look, but Stephanie is a rocker to the bone, and not only a great singer and musician but she is also an extremely talented songwriter.

We expect Stephanie to go very far in her career, and are thrilled to have her representing Texarkana U.S.A. in this competition. We think she is already a STAR!

Stephanie’s story in Outsmartmagazine.com.


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