Texarkana Hospitals Make Joint Urgent Announcement Regarding COVID 19


The two largest health providers in our region along with Bowie and Miller County Health Authorities have released a joint announcement regarding current conditions locally, and are asking for your support in combatting COVID 19 as we move forward with this very real disease in our community.

Media Release:

TEXARKANA, Texas. – Hospitals and emergency management officials in Texarkana have issued a joint message to say they are counting on the community’s help to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The joint message comes from CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System, Wadley Regional Medical Center, Miller County Health Authority, and Bowie County Health Authority.

The number of COVID-19 patients in the Texarkana and surrounding region has increased significantly in the past weeks, resulting in rising hospitalizations.

Like area residents, we are concerned about this trend. First, we want to assure our community we have been and will continue to work together to respond to this pandemic.

Both hospitals have worked diligently to ensure safe and accessible healthcare for all in need. We communicate regularly and are confident in our abilities to provide safe care to all with compassion and professionalism.

However, we need your help. Reducing the spread of COVID-19 requires everyone to participate in safe practices throughout our daily lives — every day, every time. It is proven people wearing face masks in public, social distancing by maintaining a physical distance of at least six feet from others and practicing frequent hand hygiene reduces the
spread of the virus.

We are writing this unified message to ask the people of Texarkana and surrounding counties to do these three simple things to help us save lives and prevent further surge of COVID-19.
Face masks are required upon entering both hospitals in order to keep staff, physicians, patients and essential visitors safe and healthy. Screening is also required of all who enter. We appreciate the understanding and adherence to this important effort to help minimize exposure.

We applaud businesses as well as individuals who have supported and practiced the proven measures as a means of being part of the solution. Our citizens and neighbors have been resilient throughout the history of our community, unifying to overcome challenges, and now we need each and every one of us to step up again.

The initial efforts on both sides of the Stateline were successful in flattening the curve in the number of cases. The reopening of the economy undeniably has been critical but has added challenges, and we have witnessed increasing COVID-19 cases. It is important we continue to work together to prevent the spread of COVID-19 for our health and our economic situation.

We strongly believe the people of this community can, and should, be able to continue the practices needed to earn a living and support our economy. But, for future success, we need everyone to engage in all of the needed steps to limit your risk of exposure as well as protect those around you.

Masking, physical distancing and hand washing – these things work and can help impact the current trend of increasing COVID cases. Thank you for your support. We stand together to serve you and your family today and always.

Jason Rounds, President, CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System
Thomas Gilbert, President, Wadley Regional Medical Center
Matt Young, M.D., Bowie County Health Authority
Jerry Stringfellow, M.D., Miller County Health Authority


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