Texarkana is Home to One of America’s Largest Herds of Water Buffalo [VIDEO]


We had the opportunity to visit Turkey Creek Company in Texarkana Arkansas, home to one of the largest herds of Water Buffalo in North America. The milk these buffalo produce is white gold to dairy farmers, for real Mozzarella cheese.

Joe Gay took us on a tour of Turkey Creek, we saw all the buffalo, some hogs that are considered the “Kobe” of pork, giant horses, and some good old dogs. Joe’s Granddad brought the first Bubalus Bubalis line of Water Buffalo to the United States 36 years ago, and now they are in every US state, except Alaska, and all from Texarkana, Arkansas.

We met some of the other residents on Turkey Creek, including some Mangalitsa Hogs, a Hungarian Breed that is literally treasured for its meat, described as “the Kobe beef of pork“.


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