Texarkana Police Address ‘Gangs of Evil Clowns’ Rumors


Over the weekend rumors that bands of evil clowns were roaming around Texarkana were all over social media, the Texarkana Police have released information regarding these false rumors.

T.T.P.D. posted to their Facebook Page:

There have apparently been a lot of rumors floating around social media this weekend about evil clowns running around Texarkana. Some have said that they are attempting to lure children into the woods to kidnap them.

There is absolutely nothing to any of this. We assure you that we have had absolutely no clown sightings here and all the children have been accounted for.

However, please don’t accept any invitations you might receive from a clown to come to the woods. We’ve all seen enough movies to know that would probably not end well. 😉


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