Texarkana Police Arrest 29 People in Vice Operation on Stateline Avenue


Officers with the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department, along with T.T.P.D., Miller County, A.P.D., and Homeland Security, recently conducted vice operations on North Stateline Avenue, which resulted in 29 arrests on charges from drugs, weapons, prostitution, and more.

Media Release:

On Friday, October 30, 2020, Officers with the Texarkana, Arkansas and Texas Police Departments, the Arkansas State Police, the Miller County Sheriff’s Department, and the Department of Homeland Security conducted operations in the area of N. State Line Ave. Their efforts were focused on illicit drugs, weapons and vice crimes. As a result of those efforts, 16 felony arrests, and 13 misdemeanor arrests were made in Arkansas and Texas. 4 felony arrest warrants were served, and 12 misdemeanor arrest warrants were served in Arkansas. 87.4 grams of felony drugs (including Heroin and Methamphetamine) were seized while 121.8 grams of misdemeanor drugs were seized.

These operations are the result of continuing criminal activity reported by neighboring citizens and visitors to Texarkana.

Area law enforcement officers will continue to focus on these types of crimes in this area until the issues are eradicated.



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