Texarkana Police Offer Safety Tips Due to Upswing in Fraud Crimes


The Texarkana Texas Police Department is offering these safety tips for people after seeing a surge in fraud crimes resulting from stolen debit cards. Police are seeing teams of thieves working together to steal wallets, purses and such.

Press Release:

The Texarkana Texas Police Department is reminding citizens to be mindful of leaving their purses and wallets unattended in shopping carts and at their workplaces.  In the last few months the department has noticed a surge in fraud stemming from victims who had their debit-credit cards stolen and then used.  Criminals are working in small groups to distract employees then gain access to back rooms or offices where purses or wallets may be kept in a drawer or under a desk.  In other cases customers are distracted while shopping which allows the accomplice to grab the wallet from an open, unattended purse in a shopping cart.  The police department urges citizens to secure their wallets or keep them on their person while at work. Carry only the debit/credit cards that you need to and never carry your social security card.


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